Why PFK?

Why should you consider sponsoring the PFK Foundation?

Your donation to the PFK Foundation is going to provide a great deal of bang for your buck. We are a small, grass-roots operation with a very large goal - build faith, share hope and defeat DIPG. We are 100% volunteer staffed which allows us to allocate the bulk of the funds directly to research grants, the community, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every dollar matters, and together, we CAN make a difference!
Who benefits?

While there are many worthy causes to be supported, PFK will focus our resources into the following three very specific areas:
Currently, there is no cure for DIPG.
The average life expectancy for a child with DIPG is 6-9 months.
Thanks to advances in technology, biopsy and tissue samples are becoming more available. This information is helping researchers craft new treatment plans designed to fight specific components of DIPG.
Every great idea requires funding to make it a reality. PFK awards grants in order to get funding directly to researchers in the field.
No St. Jude patient ever receives a bill for health care, food, or lodging.

St. Jude patients and their families consider Memphis a safe haven thanks to cutting edge treatment and staff that is second to none.

St. Jude is one of the leading research facilities in the world in the fight against DIPG. They also share their findings publically, so children all over the world can benefit from their research.
A portion of the PFK budget is earmarked to give back to the local community.

Scholarships, grants for teachers in the local school system, and grants for local city municipal projects are some of the ways the PFK Foundation gives back to the community.

PFK strives to keep functions and fundraisers close to home in order for tax dollars to stay local.

Giving back to the community that supports our efforts is important. We cannot do this alone!